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October 28th, 2017 No Comments

Today intermediate group surfed at Airport Reef this morning, the waves was shoulder to head high, head high on sets. The condition was clean with light offshore winds, everybody had a good ride (see photos). Advance group surfed at Uluwatu and Beginner group surfed to Padang Padang this morning, the waves was shoulder to head high and the condition was clean. Swell size bigger than yesterday, sunny light offshore winds.

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Surf Lessons, Airport Reef, Bali, Surf Report

August 16th, 2017 No Comments

The beginners took the boat out to the airport reef at dawn today. Beginning at Tower (inside of Toro Toro) where it was waist high but once the tide got too low they moved to Outside Jimbaran where it was head high (see photos). The advanced group surfed Toro Toro where it was overhead. The advanced group will surf Bingin Right following breakfast and our beginner and advanced group will go to Jimbaran. Sunny, light offshore winds.

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August 17th, 2016 No Comments

Advanced Group surfed at airport right this morning, the wafe in great condition, over head on sets. Everybody had challenging session (see photos). Intermediate and beginners group surfed Toro Toro inside, chest to head high on some sets and everybody had long ride, sunny, light of sore winds.

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Surf guiding, Airport reef, Bali, Surf report

June 29th, 2015 No Comments

Advanced group went to Airport reef this morning, overhead high on some sets, clean waves, long rides & some barrel (see photos). Beginner group surfed Padang-padang this morning, so much fun rides refoam waves while some head high sets behind. Advanced group will go jump off for second session after breakfast. Swell size a bit smaller than yesterday. Sunny, light offshore winds.

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Surf guiding, Toro toro, Bali, Surf report

October 8th, 2014 No Comments

Swell size smaller today but perfect glassy conditions and excellent for beginners & intermediates. The advance group took the boat to Toro toro and airport lefts where there was a bit more size and some long fun rides (see photos). Beginner/intermediate group surfed Padang Padang this morning at dawn and enjoyed clean waves with just a few other surfers there for early session. Sunny, very light offshore winds.

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