Bali Surf Report and Surf Forecast


Bingin Barrels

The crew of hungry locals and small take-off spot make it tricky to snag a good one at Bingin, but if you’re up for the challenge, there’s no time like the present

The swell is pumping and with Covid restrictions having all but stopped tourism for now, you might never get a chance like this again to enjoy ‘Bali’s most make-able barrel’™ so start planning your next trip now

The recent run of solid swell continues with sets arriving today in head-high to double-overhead range and barrelling at Bingin — as you’d expect — but also down the outside reef at Impossibles too

The first international flight operated from Denpasar airport two days ago, Bali is officially reopening from the 9th July and travel to and from other Indonesian islands will be possible from the 31st July.

We hope and expect the issuing of tourist visas to recommence shortly after and possibly even the same day.

We’re still not posting the surf report on our typical daily schedule but check back again soon for more updates or follow us on Facebook for more Bali surf news and travel information



Padang Padang Sundown Session

With Bali’s official reopening scheduled for July 9th and international routes starting to open up across the world, it’s time to start planning your next trip here!

We took the camera along with us this evening to one of our favourite local spots where the only thing better than the cocktails is the view.

With a very solid swell hitting Bali at the moment, the world-famous Padang Padang left-hander was throwing out some sizeable barrels which were being skillfully navigated by a crowd of around ten.

In the opposite direction, some chunky sets were rolling down the Impossibles reef in the ‘well overhead’ range with surfers enjoying some leg-achingly-long rides.

We’re too busy enjoying the uncrowded world-class waves for now so our regular daily surf report remains on hold but keep your eyes peeled for more regular updates soon.


Instructor Spotlight: Andre

Here in Bali, the beaches are open for surfing but we’re too busy enjoying the uncrowded world-class waves for now so our regular daily surf report remains on hold.

With Bali’s official reopening scheduled for July 9th and international routes opening up soon afterward, it’s time to start planning your next trip here!

The focus of today’s instructor spotlight post is Andre Julian who was born in 1995 in Cimaja, West Java and grew up surfing with his brother Sandi — who is also one of PPSC’s top instructors.

Through a friendly brotherly rivalry, they pushed each others’ ability levels higher and higher whilst competing internationally in countries including France, Malaysia and Thailand.

Like many of the PPSC guests and instructors, Andre’s favourite place to surf is Uluwatu — one of many world-class waves in our local area. He enjoys the long and high-quality left-handers that Uluwatu offers and thrives on the fact that it still challenges him when the swell size increases.

When the waves are smaller, Andre rides a 5’5″ or 5’6″ board and when it turns on you’ll find him riding either his 5’8″ or 6’0″ step-ups.

The Indonesian surfer who’s inspired Andre the most is hometown-hero and Quiksilver sponsored athlete Dede Suryana — who also hails from his hometown of Cimaja — and internationally, his favourite surfer is Ítalo Ferreira who he’d love to surf against in a competitive heat.

When Andre isn’t surfing he likes to focus on rest and relaxation — chilling out, playing games and hanging out with friends.

Andre has been working at PPSC now for over four years and whether it’s your first lesson or your hundredth, he can spot exactly where you’re going wrong, communicate suggestions in a simple and accessible way, and help take your surfing to the next level.


Instructor Spotlight: Sandi

Here in Bali we’re still not able to produce our daily surf report but, with the Covid situation improving around the world, we’re optimistic we’ll be able to welcome guests back here again in June or July.

The focus of today’s spotlight post is Sandi.

Growing up in the beach town of Cimaja, West Java, Sandi set his heart on emulating his favourite surfer Dane Reynolds and developed a repertoir of skills and manouvers to match.

Previously sponsored by world-renowned brand Quiksilver, his adventures as a professional athlete gave him experience travelling and competing abroad on several occasions in countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand and France.

With surfing as his love, Sandi decided that working in a surf camp would be the perfect place to share this with other people and has been working at PPSC doing so for over six yeears.

Sandi is one of the surf camp’s best instructors both in terms of his own skills, and with his excellent English and communication skills, can help take your surfing to the next level too.



Instructor Spotlight: Blacky

While we remain in Covid-19 lockdown, today’s post shines a spotlight on Blacky.

Local standout and son of Uluwatu legend Made Lapur, Blacky is one of the surf camp’s top surfers both competitively and as an instructor.

In addition to winning many local competitions, he gained international recognition by finishing 2nd in the 2018 Padang Padang Cup — contested in one of the biggest swells to hit Indonesia for years.

Blacky is one of our most in-demand instructors for private lessions/guiding and for very good reason. With unrivalled local knowledge and great communication skills, you’re almost certain to leave the water a better surfer by the end of a session with him.

Blacky is sponsored by Insight (@insight51_id) and you can watch him in action during any decent swell at Uluwatu or in his catalog of highlight reels over on his Instagram account (@agusblackysetiawan).


In-Water Surf Photography by Head Instructor Monot

While the COVID-19 lockdown is ongoing and beaches remain closed, the focus of today’s update is on our head instructor and professional surf photographer Monot aka @indo_watershots.

As well as being one of camp’s most experienced instructors above the water, Monot has also been shooting from in the water for around three years having got his start assisting a friend with some off-camera flash work for a professional surf photography project.

Using a state of the art Sony mirrorless camera and housings from Liquid Eye and BOX, Monot also enjoys shooting nature and waves but there’s no place he’d rather be sitting that on in the inside at the world-famous Padang Padang Left with his camera in his hand.

Whether you want to be the envy of all your social media friends or create a print of an unforgettable surf memory to display in your living room, you can book Monot to shoot a session for you or a group of friends when you book to stay with us.


Bali Beaches Closed and Travel Restrictions

There are very few surf breaks currently open in Bali and temporary travel restrictions are in place.

We continue to serve our few remaining guests as best we can but have decided to suspend our daily surf report.

So far there are still very few cases of COVID-19 in Bali and we hope the social distancing measures and travel controls will save Bali from this crisis.

We do not recommend you come to Bali in April. We are hoping the situation will improve by May.


Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Balangan, Bali

With the closure of several local beaches, Balangan was the only one in the area that wasn’t locked-down this morning so our intermediate group had no choice but to surf both of their lessons there today.

Although it was busier than it might otherwise have been, there were plenty of small but fun waves breaking around waist high and everybody enjoyed lots of long rides in the sunny conditions.

Tomorrow is Nyepi — Bali’s famous yearly day of silence — so we’ll see you back here in 48 hours!


Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Uluwatu, Bali

The crowds continue to get smaller as Bali progressively implements social distancing measures but the waves keep on coming and our intermediate group were up at dawn to enjoy what Uluwatu was serving up this morning.

Waves were perfectly glassy and breaking between waist and head-high along the different sections of reef, providing great conditions for a range of ability levels and plenty of  long rides to go around.

With the high tide, the group are having their second lessons of the day at Greenbowl before returning to the surf camp for their delicious freshly cooked lunch.