Bali Surf Report and Surf Forecast


Intermediate and Advanced Surf Guiding at Nikko Beach, Bali

Today’s swell has picked up since yesterday. Waves were breaking shoulder to over head high with occasional double over head.

Soft offshore breeze with sunny sky after morning rain in the east coast .

There were less crowd than expected which made it even better.

The swell will mild down tomorrow and beginners might be able to surf in the inside for some stoke fun!


Intermediate Surf Guiding at Nikko Beach, Bali

Nikko is one of the right hander in East Coast Bali and is a great option to go to for all levels of surfers when the swell is big everywhere else.

Waist to head high waves, soft offshore wind and blue sky this morning made the surfers want to grab their surfboard and paddle out to get some waves.

You can surf Nikko for a more soft wave though you’ll spot the crowd and if you’re confident with your surfing abilities you can head to Pandawa for bigger waves and less crowd.


Intermediate and Advanced Surf Guiding at Sri Lanka, Bali

Very good swell size for this time of year. Onshore on the west coast so we cruised over to the east coast today to one of Bali’s premier right-hand surf spots — Sri Lanka — which is located in front of Club Med in Nusa Dua.

Very crowded for a pandemic, but plenty of good waves coming through and everybody got their share.

We’re all very happy that the sun is out and and there’s a good swell!


Beginner and Intermediate Surf Lesson at Geger Left, Bali

The west coast has been blowing strong onshore winds and east coast has been the go to.

It’s been days since the last swell kicked in but it means more waves for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Geger Left was breaking knee to waist high, definitely suitable size for beginner and intermediate. The wind wasn’t so strong and skies were cloudy grey but it didn’t stop these 2 surfers having a small party wave, 2 meters away sticking to covid regulations of course!

Hopefully the next swell will be around the corner.


Intermediate Surf Guiding at Pandawa, Bali

As all west coast is onshore and there’s no swell, Pandawa is crowded as there’s nowhere else to go in the bukit.

Waves were breaking knee to waist high with shoulder high sets. It’s a slow day so once a wave comes everyone seems to compete on catching them, a reminder to not be greedy and accidents also happen in the water!

Hopefully more swell on the way and sunny days ahead.


Intermediate Surf Guiding at Uluwatu, Bali

Today’s swell were pretty small but our intermediate group decided to surf Uluwatu and see if they’re lucky after the constant rain these past few days.

Luckily enough, some waves were breaking although it took patience.

The waves were breaking waist to shoulder high with some bumps a long the way.

The wind turned onshore as it hit midday so might be better later afternoon.