Bali Surf Report and Surf Forecast


Intermediate and Advanced Surf Lessons/Guiding at Toro Toro and Airport Lefts, Bali

This morning our intermediate and advanced groups jumped in the boat at Jimbaran bay and headed out the short distance to Toro Toro.

The waves were coming through at a nice size but not as consistently as we would have liked, so our expert surf guides made the call for the advanced group to move over to the higher-performance waves of Airport Lefts — ensuring all our guests had the opportunity to surf the waves best-suited to their abilities.

Everybody had a great session with some particularly long rides and a great time was had by all.


Beginner and Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Padang Padang Rights, Bali

This morning our beginner and intermediate groups started the day with a trip to our local break, Padang Padang rights, for their group and semi-private lessons.

Waves were generally around waist to chest-high — a perfect size for building your confidence and skills in a safe and fun environment.

The sun was shining, the light winds kept the waves clean and everybody had a great time. There were even a few party waves shared between our guests.


Advanced surf guiding and intermediate surf lesson at Uluwatu, Bali

This morning our advanced and intermediate group headed to Uluwatu to have surf lessons there. Conditions are excellent today, bright sunny day with fresh offshore wind everything promised really fun session. Swell is a bit bigger than yesterday and waves are clean, shoulder high to head high size. Super fun and perfect for our surfers to exhibit their surf skills.

Our beginners at the same time enjoyed their surf lessons at Dreamland beach this morning. Very comfortable conditions for beginners surf lessons. Not so busy and waves are waist high to chest high. Seems like someone had really nice surf sessions this morning.



Beginner and Intermediate Surf Lessons at Dreamland, Bali

The beginner and intermediate groups from the surf camp traveled the short distance to Dreamland beach this morning for the first session of surf lessons today.

The beautiful weather continued for another morning with very light wind and clean, friendly waves that are perfect for our guests to improve their surfing in safe and fun conditions.­­­

After breakfast back at the surf camp, the groups will continue their surf lessons at Uluwatu and Padang Padang.



Advanced Surf Guiding at Greenball, Bali

This morning our advanced group of surfers were up at dawn to make their way to the south coast of the Bukit peninsular where the reef exposed by the low tide was putting the “green” in Greenball.

Waves were coming through in the head-high to overhead range on sets with long glassy walls and light wind.

After conquering the famous Greenball stairs, everyone headed back to camp to enjoy their well-earned breakfast before a second session of surf guiding.


Beginner and Intermediate Surf Lessons and Guiding at Dreamland, Bali

The swell size had dropped off since yesterday so our beginner and intermediate groups visited Dreamland this morning where they were the first in the water for surf lessons and guiding. Conditions were clean and glassy with very light winds and everyone had a lot of fun surfing both left and right-handers.

After breakfast, our surfers headed out for their second sessions at either Padang Padang and Balangan before returning to camp for our weekly delicious BBQ lunch.


Advanced Surf Guiding at Dreamland, Bali

After the increase in swell height overnight, it was the turn of the advanced group to enjoy the A-frames at Dreamland beach this morning. Wave size ranged from chest to overhead with very little wind resulting in long glassy walls with the occasional barrel on offer.

Our advanced surf guiding is the perfect choice if you want to be shown the best of Bali’s waves each day and enjoy the empty lineups, just as our guests did today.