Tower Surf Report and Spot Info


Beginner and Intermediate Surf Lessons at Tower, Bali

This morning our beginner and intermediate surfers jumped in the boat to surf Tower in Jimbaran bay. Named after the large towers used to mark the deep water channel for large boats, this is a great spot for progressing from white water to surfing the green faces and friendlier than nearby Toro Toro, which is a slightly longer boat ride away.

As you can see from today’s photos, our guests all caught some great waves in the late October sun. No sign of wet season so far!

Elsewhere at the surf camp, our other surf lessons took place at Bingin Rights, Nikko and Jimbaran today, so there was something to suit everybody — carefully selected, as always, by our expert local surf guides and instructors.


Intermediate surfing lessons at Tower, Bali.

Our intermediate group headed to Tower for another great surf session. Exciting boat trip to the spot is additional benefit to have fun along with surf lessons. Conditions a bit windy today with fresh offshore but still very comfortable for learning and improving. Swell size is a bit smaller than yesterday and waves are chest high to shoulder high.

Beginners group enjoyed their surf lessons at Jimbaran beach this morning. Comfortable conditions for novice surfers and super fun surfing session with waves knee high to waist high.


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This morning surf lessons for our intermediate group took place at Tower, surf spot located in Jimbaran bay. Conditions are cloudy today with tangible offshore wind. The massive swell is dropped so the waves are chest high to shoulder high.
Our Advanced group surfed Toro Toro today. Excellent surf session with waves shoulder high to head high.
Beginners group, in the meantime, had surf lessons at Jimbaran beach this morning. Really fun and enjoyable surf session with a lots of rides. Waves are knee high to waist high.