Jump Off aka Honeymoon Surf Report and Spot Info


Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Jump Off, Bali

Our two vans of intermediate surfers headed to Jump Off aka Honeymoons this morning for their lessons, which is located alongside the cliffs at the south of Jimbaran Bay.

After everybody had built up the courage to jump off the cliffs and into the water, they all had a great time surfing the left-handers of this unique spot.

Wave height was in the chest-high to head-high range and the cliffs provided their shelter from the wind, resulting in clean waves for everyone to enjoy.

After breakfast, both of these groups surfed at Toro Toro while our other group lessons took place at Tower and Jimbaran.


Advanced surf guiding and Intermediate surf lessons at Jump Off, Bali

Today both of our advanced and intermediate groups headed to Jump Off which is at Jimbaran area to enjoy another great surf session there. Our intermediate learners had an opportunity during surf lessons to observe our more experienced suffers and learn from them as well. Conditions are not perfect but still good today, cloudy with light offshore wind. Swell size is a bit bigger than yesterday, so waves are shoulder high to head high or overhead high on sets.


Intermediate surf lessons at Jump Off, Bali

This morning our intermediate group surfed at Jump Off. Solid SSW swell has appeared overnight and brought plenty of waves all over the Bukit.  Conditions are a comfortable though and still manageable. Beautiful morning with freshh offshore wind. Waves at Jump Off are head high to overhead high.

Beginners had surf lessons at Jimbaran. Comfortable conditions at sheltered surf spot with easy waves. Waist to chest high.


Intermediate surf lessons at Jump Off Jimbaran, Bali

Lear to surf is an endless and very exciting process. Surfing allows you to develop your personal skills and even discover something new about yourself. The main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved. This morning our intermediate group continued having surf lessons at Jump off Jimbaran beach. Swell is bigger than yesterday, conditions are excellent, Beautiful sunny day with moderate offshore wind. Waves are chest high to shoulder high. Perfect surf session for improving and we sure that our surfers will not stop developing.


Surf lessons, Jump off, Bali, Surf report

Intermediate groups surfed Jump off this morning, offshore winds, overhead high on some sets, clean waves, and a bit challenging (see photos). Beginner group went to Jimbaran after had breakfast at camp this morning, waist to chest high on some sets, good fun consistent waves. Swell size about the same as yesterday.


Surf guiding, Honey moon, Bali, Surf report

Advanced/intermediate group surfed at Jimbaran honey moon this morning, 3-4ft on sets great waves and long rides (see photos). Beginner surfed at jimbaran beach break waist high on some sets perfect for beginners everyone had great sessions, Sunny light offshore winds.


Surf guiding, Jimbaran, Bali, Surf report

Intermediate and advanced group surfed Jump off Jimbaran this morning, shoulder to head high on some sets, great conditions with just a few guys out, everyone had a great sessions ( see photos). Beginner group down patrolled Padang padang again at down this morning, swell size bigger then yesterday, everyone had long rides, Sunny light offshore winds.