Geger Surf Report and Spot Info


Intermediate surf guiding at Geger

The forecast for today predicted strong wind from the west early in the morning, so we decided to go to Nusa Dua to avoid choppy onshore conditions. As expected, the conditions at Geger were much better and we could see the incoming sets delivering glassy, perfectly peeling shoulder high waves.

Left and right breaking peaks were on offer, this made the crowd split up and everyone had enough space and opportunities to catch waves. Don’t be fooled by the small size, on a lower tide the waves are fast and powerful and the inside section breaks in shallow water. Perfect for practising airs, floaters and other high-speed manoeuvres.


Beginner Surf Lessons at Geger

The new swell arrived today and finally brought us bigger waves again. With almost no wind at all, the south and east sides of the Bukit were favoured by most of the surfers, leaving Nusa Dua uncrowded. We took the opportunity of a nearly empty line-up to choose the best waves of the sets, so far had the best session of this week.

The big channel makes it easy to get out to the line-up. If it is like today, with almost nobody else there, you can catch as many waves as you can paddle for. A high wave count means more practice, the more practice you get the faster you will improve your surfing skills.


Intermediate surf guiding at Geger

After a few days of Christmas celebrations, we were enjoying the east coast of Bali again. Today, Nusa Dua was the best place to go due to the strong wind from the west. Even though the waves were not that big, they had enough power to give you a fast and challenging ride. Steep, head high walls and offshore wind conditions made the waves perfectly suitable for airs and quick turns.

The upcoming week looks very similar in terms of surf conditions. With the wind blowing from the west and the swell dropping tomorrow, Geger will be the go-to spot for many surfers on the Bukit.


Intermediate and Advanced Surf Guiding at Geger Left, Bali

With the south-westerly winds overnight continuing into the morning as expected, our usual playground of the Bukit’s west coast was not suitable today so we headed east.

Geger Left was the spot of choice for the intermediate and advanced surfers and it was our first time back at the surf spot since our last session in February.

Waves were a little bumpy but very clean and breaking between chest and head high.

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Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Geger Left, Bali

The westerly wet-season winds returned this morning so our intermediate group made the trip to Geger Left for their first session of surfing lessons this morning.

Waves weren’t as big as yesterday and a fair number were sectioning or closing out, but it was still very clean and everybody enjoyed plenty of rides.

For their second session, the group will be surfing at Mushroom Rock in Nusa Dua where they’ll join up with our beginner group who surfed their first session next door at Black Stone.