Activity: Surf Lessons


Beginner Surf Lessons at Padang Padang, Bali

We headed to our local beach of Padang Padang this morning — less than 1km away — for the first beginner private surf lesson of the day

The conditions were perfect for learning to surf with waves breaking between knee and waist high, light winds and hardly anybody else in the lineup

Elsewhere the intermediate and advanced guiding group surfed at Uluwatu where conditions were perfect late into the morning with offshore wind and chest to head-high waves.

We’re delighted that certain visas are now being issued by the Indonesian government which must be applied for in advance. We’ll be ramping up operations for our soft re-opening on 1st November, so get in contact now for more information on how you can join us for an exclusive surfing experience


Intermediate Surf Lessons and Guiding at Balangan, Bali

Balangan was the spot of choice for the intermediate surfers this morning and we took the camera along to capture some of the action.

Waves were breaking from around waist high to head high on sets and, although they were a little lumpy and bumpy, there were plenty of clean waves to go around.

Balangan can often be a tricky and fast wave when it’s a nice size for intermediate surfers, but on days like today, you can still enjoy a relatively shorter ride and practice your take-offs, cutbacks and turns.

It’s never too early to start planning your next trip to Bali, so until we can welcome you back, we hope you’ll continue to check our regular surf reports, and for news on the situation here, you should follow our updates over on Facebook


Advanced Private Surf Lessons at Bingin

This morning Dean headed out to Bingin with Gunung for his first of two private surf lessons for the day

The swell could have been a little larger, but there were still plenty of perfect glassy waves breaking at around shoulder-high

After stopping back at the surf camp for some rest and recovery time, they’ll be heading out again to surf the dropping tide this afternoon at Uluwatu

In the third and final phase of the easing of Bali’s lockdown, the island will officially open its borders again for oversea tourists on September 11th.

Start planning your trip now and get an uncrowded Bingin session for yourself!



Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Balangan, Bali

With the closure of several local beaches, Balangan was the only one in the area that wasn’t locked-down this morning so our intermediate group had no choice but to surf both of their lessons there today.

Although it was busier than it might otherwise have been, there were plenty of small but fun waves breaking around waist high and everybody enjoyed lots of long rides in the sunny conditions.

Tomorrow is Nyepi — Bali’s famous yearly day of silence — so we’ll see you back here in 48 hours!


Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Uluwatu, Bali

The crowds continue to get smaller as Bali progressively implements social distancing measures but the waves keep on coming and our intermediate group were up at dawn to enjoy what Uluwatu was serving up this morning.

Waves were perfectly glassy and breaking between waist and head-high along the different sections of reef, providing great conditions for a range of ability levels and plenty of  long rides to go around.

With the high tide, the group are having their second lessons of the day at Greenbowl before returning to the surf camp for their delicious freshly cooked lunch.



Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Greenbowl, Bali

Our intermediate group headed to Greenbowl this morning for their first session of surfing lessons where it was absolutely pumping!

The group surfed mostly out on the shoulder where the waves were breaking around shoulder-high but further up the peak there were some well overhead bombs coming through too.

With just a few other surfers in the water and glassy conditions, everybody had their pick of the waves and all had a great session.


Beginner Surfing Lessons at Padang Padang, Bali

This morning our beginner group headed to Padang Padang — our local beach, less than 1km down the road — for their semi-private surfing lesson.

The conditions weren’t as clean as they might have been due to the light onshore wind, but the waves on offer were still perfect for a first surf lesson; breaking at around knee-high and peeling softly to the beach.

With Bali as quiet as it currently is, if you can find a way to get yourself here, there’s never been a better time to learn to surf.


Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Uluwatu, Bali

The quiet perfect mornings at Uluwatu continue as our intermediate group headed down through the cave for their first surf session of the day today.

With only around twenty other surfers spread throughout the lineup, there were more than enough chest to shoulder-high waves for everybody to enjoy as the sets peeled down the reef.

For the second session, the tide is a little high to surf at Uluwatu again, so the group have headed to Greenbowl for their second surf lessons of the day.



Intermediate Surfing Lessons at Uluwatu, Bali

The tide and light wind combined perfectly this morning for our intermediate group to enjoy a dawn session at Uluwatu for their first surf lesson of the day.

With relatively few surfers spread across Uluwatu’s different peaks, there were plenty of waves available to be enjoyed by everyone from long peeling walls on the main peak where the bigger sets were breaking along to the racetrack section which was slightly smaller but offering some barrels.

After a quick stop back at the surf camp for breakfast the group surfed their second session of the day again at Uluwatu while our beginner group surfed both sessions at Padang Padang.